12.28.14 | yes, we spend a lot of time at costco

Post 727: 362/365

Over the past 2 years of maintaining this blog, I have tagged 13 posts with the word “Costco.” We go to Costco probably on average about once every 10-12 days. Once a friend from high school commented on a photo of mine that I posted on Facebook saying I should take my kids outdoors more. Trust me, I do take them outdoors. A lot. But Costco is a part of our life and I kind of like having photos to remember all of the things we do as a family, even the mundane things like shopping at Costco.



  1. My family also frequents Costco a good bit, probably once a week or so. And as a side note, we literally just bought that exact couch pictured above. Super comfortable, but it’s far bigger in my living room than it looks in store.

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