03.23.15 | shopping in a tutu and glass slippers

Post 812: 82/365

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I would have totally LOVED having a tutu like this when I was little! And glass slippers!? Yes. I am totally living vicariously through my daughter and I’m not afraid to admit it.



  1. I love this photo! I think it is one of my favorites…..it makes me laugh and smile and just feel plain good!!!

  2. This is a great, great picture. It really makes me smile. The rainbow colors in the tutu and the precious little slippers are so special. And living vicariously through your daughter–I sure know that I wanted to have my daughter experience things that I never could.

    1. Thanks! I love buying clothes for my daughter. I might have a slight problem with over-buying sometimes, but I figure she’s only this little for such a short time and then she’ll start having strong opinions about what she wears. Although she actually was the one to choose this outfit, which made me SO HAPPY! 😄

      1. Enjoy it while you can. My little daughter who I used to love to buy clothes for is now 26. Of course, she still loves for me to buy clothes for her and we do have occasional shopping outings which I still enjoy.

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