07.26.15 | couch babiesPost 937: 207/365

Are my son’s shoes off? Are both kids laying on a couch in a showroom or store of some sort? It must be time for COUCH BABIES! I have no idea what it is about couches and babies, but my kids have developed a game they play that they call “Couch Babies” that entails them testing out the softness of various seating options and pretending to be babies. I don’t understand it, but it’s kind of funny to watch.



  1. That is so cute. It’s funny that they feel so at home they even take their shoes off. More memories, Mom 😉
    You will look back on this photo and remember the cute little game they made up. Sweet!

    1. I think they take their shoes off because we have a rule in our house that you can’t have shoes on the couch. Therefore, you can’t have shoes on the show-room couch either! 🙂

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