12.26.15 | visiting ancient greece from our living roomPost 1,090: 360/365

I had a View Master when I was little. It was one of those things with the little reels of photos that you put in a little slot and pushed a level while you looked through the mask as you held it up to a bright light or window and were able to see things in 3D. I even have reels that show photos of me as a little girl that my grandfather made so I can see myself in 3D. I always thought that was pretty cool. Well, the View Master of 2015 is SO MUCH cooler than that! My son got one for Christmas and we can’t stop playing with it. This modern upgraded View Master uses an smart phone or ipod touch that you put inside it and look through the googles to see a complete 360 degree view. You can stand in one place and turn in a circle and see all the way around the various scenes. It is SOOOO cool! Today we visited ancient Greece, went under the ocean and saw different fish, watched a video that made it seem like we were sitting on a camel crossing a desert in Egypt, and even ventured into Google Street View to see our own house. I can’t wait to keep exploring and see what other apps are available to use with it. It is awesome!




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