03.30.16 | the most expensive pottery in the worldPost 1,185: 90/366

My son was in Kindergarten when my daughter was born. During his spring break, when she was around 2-3 weeks old, I took him to a pottery painting place. Somehow that has become a tradition and now we go back every year during spring break and make something new. It’s a good thing we don’t go more often because holy moly these things are insanely expensive! Not only do you pay for the pottery, but there is also a painting fee – per painter – which adds up VERY fast. We can’t ever get out of there without spending at least $60 – and that’s just with two people painting! I have to say, though, it is kind of fun to have these items at home once they are fired and finished. I just wish it were slightly more affordable to my husband and I could paint something too. At the current price, if all four of us painted something, it would be well over $100. I need to start searching for coupons…



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